The Academy Training Approach

The Academy seeks to improve smallholders' sustainable livelihoods by helping its Partners grow their training impact. In practice, the Academy uses a Train-the-Trainer approach to help Partners build their training capacity. The approach consists of three elements: 1. Three Training Levels; 2. Academy Training Guides and Materials; 3. Collaboration and Co-Creation.

Three Training Levels

Academy training happens at three levels:

  • Level 1 - Master Training (MT)*: The Academy organises MTs for experienced trainers of Partner organisations to master the Academy training method and materials. Participants that finish the MT become Master Trainers and can train other trainers. More MTs can be co-organised with Partners upon request. Learn more about how to become a Master Trainer

  • Level 2 - Training of Trainers (ToT)**: Master Trainers organise and give ToTs in their own organisation, network, or for other organisations. They train other trainers in the Academy training method and materials.

  • Level 3 - Training**; Academy Trainers train smallholders, group organisers/ managers or programme designers using the Academy Training method and materials.

*The Academy covers the cost of organisation of MTs and has limited sponsorship available for participants
** Partner organisations are responsible for the costs of ToTs and Training

Academy Training Guides and Materials

Three Training Guides

  • in six languages: English, French, Indonesian, Malay, Spanish and Thai.

  • Complementary Guides: The three guides complement each other: the Smallholder Training Guide, the Group Training Guide, and the Programme Design Guide.

  • Customisable: The Smallholder and Group Training Guides consist of training modules and extra training materials (e.g. handouts) that trainers can use to customise their training.

  • Extra training resources are available to help Master Trainers design their ToTs.

Collaboration and Co-Creation

Academy support: The Academy supports Partners and Academy Master Trainers with direct programme and training support and knowledge resources through the Partner Portal.

  • Partners collaborate: Partners can co-organise training and collaborate on their Academy programmes, supported by the Partner Portal.

  • Partners co-create materials: Partners can further contextualise the Academy Guides for their local context and share their local adaptation with the Partner Community through the Partner Portal.

Three Training Levels