Academy Goals

Promote Sustainable Livelihoods

By helping smallholders use good agricultural practices, run better farms, set up groups, and use more environmentally and socially sustainable practices the Academy strives to improve smallholders’ livelihoods.

Increase Training Capacity of Supporting Organisations

The Academy seeks to strengthen the capacity of other organisations to train smallholders, groups, and programme designers.

Develop an Innovative Global Community

By harnessing the strength, initiative and diversity of the partners network, the Academy aims to build and support a community that provides new training resources,methods and learning innovations tailored to smallholders’ needs.

RSPO Roadmap to Empower Smallholders

The RSPO Smallholder Academy is part of RSPO’s larger "roadmap to empower smallholders" (2017). The Academy directly supports Objective 1: Smallholder livelihoods are improved. It also indirectly supports Objective 2 by increasing the capacity of smallholder groups with the possibility of applying for RSPO certification.