What is an Academy Master Trainer?

An Academy Master Trainer is anyone who has finished an Academy Master Training (MT) and has received the MT certificate. A Master Trainer can give their own Academy Training of Trainers and Smallholder/Group Trainings.
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Who can Become a Master Trainer?

Any person who is, or who is part of an organisation that is, an Academy Partner can apply to participate in an Academy Master Training to become a Master Trainer. The qualities we are looking for in potential Master Trainers are prior training experience, field experience working with smallholders, and good communication skills.

Why Become a Master Trainer

There are several reasons to become an Academy Master Trainer:

Access to the Academy Training Guides

During the Academy Master Training you will be trained in, and actively practice, learner-centered and adult-learning training methodology, and the use of the comprehensive Academy Training Guides and Materials, covering everything from GAP and sustainable smallholder farm management to smallholder group formation and strengthening, to social and environmental practices. As a Master Trainer you will use these skills within your organisation or network and can keep building them further as you learn from other Master Trainers and other Academy resources.

Become a Global Pioneer

As a Master Trainer you become a Global Pioneer of the Academy, helping set a new benchmark for smallholder training and capacity building for others to follow.

Build your Training Opportunities

The Academy strives to support Master Trainers in growing their training network and opportunities. As the Academy Community grows, so do the opportunities to provide Training-of-Trainers for trainers, groups and smallholders within other organisations.

Join a Global Community of Peers

As a Master Trainer, you join a global Community of peer Master Trainers. Connect and learn from one another through the Academy Partner Portal, Master Trainings, and other Academy events.

Academy Master Training: an Overview

Regular Master Training Across Regions and Sectors

From August 2019 onwards, the Academy aims to organise a minimum of 3 Master Trainings (MTs) annually across Africa, Latin America and South East Asia. The MTs bring together experienced trainers from across different sectors and countries for a 6-day training in the use of, and training method behind, three new Academy Guides:

  1. the Smallholder Training Guide,
  2. the Group Training Guide,
  3. The Programme Design Guide.

Every MT will have a field day included to cover certain agronomic and environmental essentials.

Benefits of becoming a Master Trainer

  • Free MT (6 days)
  • Free Refresher MT (every 2 years)
  • Free access to Academy Training Guides & Updates
  • Join a global community of peers Master Trainers
  • Get technical support on your training programme development
  • Become a preferred Master Trainer for other Partners
  • Public recognition for being an Academy Master Trainer
  • Build your income through training
  • Personal development opportunity

Responsibilities for a Master Trainer

  • Attend and finish Academy MT
  • Attend Refresher MT (every 2 years)
  • Work towards a self-imposed goal of training smallholders and/or group organisers/managers
  • Use Academy Guides and adult learning methods
  • Share your learning with other Master Trainers
Become a Master Trainer in 5 Steps

Step 1

Ensure that you or your organisation are an Academy Partner

Step 2

Email [email protected] and express your interest to join in a Master Training.

Step 3

Receive invitation from the Academy to attend the Master Training

Step 4

Upon confirmation of registration, you will receive pre-training preparation

Step 5

Finish the Master Training, make your 1-year Academy Training Plan, and receive the Academy MT Certificate