STA Newsletter: March 2022 - June 2023

    Greetings from the STA Academy! First and foremost, the Academy wishes to inform you that we will be keeping on sharing our newsletter on a quarterly basis. It has been quite awhile since our last update on the Academy activities. There have been a few things happening within the Academy! The newsletter's quarterly update will be a comprehensive sharing of the ongoing and upcoming events in addition to the new features of the Smallholder Trainer Academy (STA) portal. Many of you have joined us on our journey from the very beginning. The STA Team would like to express our gratitude for your endless support and contribution to the Academy!

    Thank you for the wonderful years as a Partner of STA. Here are some snapshots of the training conducted by you!

    Training by Master Trainers with Musim Mas Indonesia, 2022 (Master Trainers: Harris Silalahi, Siswanto, Ridho Iskandar, Surianto)



    Training by GIZ-SCPOPP Thailand, 2022 (Master Trainer: Thitinai)


    First Virtual Master Training, 2022 (Trainer: Liew Gee Gee, Michelle)


    Second Virtual Master Training, 2023 (Trainers: Liew Gee Gee, Sumitra)


    STA Master Training Accra Ghana, 2023 (Master Trainers: Lawrence, Enokou, Rosemary, Francis)


    STA Master Training Accra Ghana, 2023 (Master Trainers: Lawrence, Enokou, Rosemary, Francis)


    STA Master Training Krabi Thailand, 2023 (Master Trainers: Thitinai, Arthon, Songsak, Pensri)


    What constitute as STA Training?

    Any trainings, such as Training of Trainers (ToT), Smallholders Training, Group Manager/Group Organiser Training and Program Design Guide Workshop that utilising STA Training Guides and Materials are considered STA training and the trainer MUST submit a training report via one of the three platforms listed below:

    Training of Trainers [ToT] Training Report

    Smallholder Training Report

    Group Manager / Organiser Training Report

    *The training report via Google Forms is currently in English, other languages will be added soon


    Creating report

    The Smallholder Training Academy would also like to reintroduce the online feature for trainers togenerate training reports in the STA Portal. The easy-filled application allows trainers to not only enter information regarding the training but also to provide other trainers to view the training that has been conducted. You can create a report from this link

    An article will be produced and shared on STA news portal and other RSPO communication media based on the training report! Hence, we would like to encourage our trainers and partners to upload their training reports on the STA website. You can view the recent progress of trainers from organisations here.

    Guide on ‘How-to’ for STA portal

    For those with constant trouble of logging in and accessing certain functions, this handbook is for you. We have created a handbook to assist you in maneuvering through the STA portal. For example, you can look up how to create training reports in the portal or how to extract reports for your reporting purpose. The handbook consists of translation and guidance to certain functions within the STA portal. 

    Currently, the handbook is only available in Bahasa Indonesia and English. You can download the handbook here.  

    Annual Partner Survey

    Do you have feedback on any aspects related to STA or the training guides? You can leave your comments through the Partner Survey for us to understand how we should improve. The Annual Partner Survey should be done yearly so that we are able to measure the progress of our partnership and the potential of collaborating for future projects. As a partner, it is also mandatory for you to provide us with the response as part of our monitoring and evaluation process. 

    Click here to start answering your survey!



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